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Breaking news! Fat Friar Ethiopian Stout!

Today, the Fat Friar boys embarked on a remarkable journey: the brewing of a potential New England favorite for years to come, Fat Friar Ethiopian Stout! An oatmeal stout fermented on a bed of locally roasted Ethiopian coffee beans. These aromatic beans were “procured” from a professional coffee roaster (who we happen to know moonlights as a software manager, who moonlights as a marketing guru, who actually knows a LOT about beer).

Naturally (and sadly for you), as with all Fat Friar brews, you won’t be able to buy this beer. But, if you know one of the Fat Friar boys, and are in their good graces (or are ridiculously rich) then you may be graced with a complimentary bottle once the beer comes of age. Some of you reading this post may be one of the lucky few who have tasted one of the previous Fat Friar brews (the outstanding Chocolate Cherry Porter and the very well received double-hopped WideBody Winter). To you I say, patience, little ones, patience. We are planning on bottling on March 17th.

Stay tuned for updates as the Day of Drinkability draws nigh. To quote the late, great Harry Chapin: “the excitement continues to build”.

Oh, and a special thanks to the proprietor of Katie’s Kitchen for allowing the Fat Friar boys to infiltrate your fine establishment. It makes a most excellent brewery.

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Welcome to Fat Friar Beer!

What? You’ve never seen Fat Friar Beer at your purveyor of fine lagers and ales? Well there is a reason for that. Fat Friar Beer exists only on the shelves of a couple of home brewers in Massachusetts, USA.

We are starting this site to share our experiences and to (we hope) learn from others.

You see, our home brewing experience is limited, but our knowledge of, and experience with beer is extensive. We are eager to share both. We want to learn more about home brewing and share home brew recipes. We also want to discover new craft brewed beers and talk about the ones we love.

Yup. We’re talking beer on this site.

So what can you expect on this site? Who the hell knows. We just started it. Give us a break.

OK … if you insist.

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  • Home brew recipes
  • Beer news
  • Beer reviews
  • Mindless musings about beer
  • Mindless musings about other things
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